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Haitham Gad


Haitham is a senior software engineer with over 15 years of experience building products and services for several enterprises. Before starting his own cloud consultancy, Haitham spent over 5 years with AWS, where he helped build Amazon GuardDuty, AWS's intelligent threat detection service. His work on the service was instrumental in accelerating the adoption of GuardDuty by thousands of AWS customers like Snap, HBO Max, Siemens, Volkswagen and Southwest Airlines.

We help businesses deliver value quickly, reduce infrastructure costs, improve security posture and achieve operational excellence by utilizing the right mix of AWS technologies.

Security from the outset

When done right, data and workloads are more secure in the cloud than on-prem. However, without the right experience, security in the cloud can be tricky. Resource misconfigurations and integration anti-patterns can leave your infrastructure exposed.

Builder with a security focus

Haitham built and operated an AWS security service for over 5 years and led many compliance efforts, AppSec reviews and SecOps engagements.

Threat modeling expert

Haitham led numerous AppSec reviews, wrote and reviewed dozens of threat models and worked closely with AppSec teams to mitigate the most subtle and intricate AWS attack vectors.

Certified security specialist

Haitham is an AWS certified security specialtist.

AWS Security Specialty Certification

We help businesses build solutions that protect sensitive data at rest and in transit, enforce least privilege access to resources, and ensure proper handling of untrusted user input.

Security in-depth
AWS cost optimization

Robust solutions that don't break the bank

It is estimated that businesses waste 30% of their cloud spend.

At AWS, Haitham helped reduce infrastructure spend, at times by more than $60K/month by leveraging serverless architectures and optimizing compute and network egress costs.

We help businesses build robust cost-optimized solutions that scale gracefully in terms of cost.

Start small. Scale instantly.

The worst outages happen during a demand surge. Resilient and scalable solutions allow room for growth and can gracefully handle sudden load spikes.

Haitham built and operated event-driven services that autoscale to handle millions of events per minute and automatically release capacity when load subsides to avoid incurring unnecessary costs.

We help businesses build resilient and scalable solutions that maintain business continuity under unanticipated load spikes.

Scalable designs
AWS operational excellence

Cultivate your DevOps culture

To iterate fast, businesses need systems and processes in place to stop bad code from reaching production and alert their team when your services are experiencing disruption.

Haitham built dozens of microservices, with in-depth logging, monitoring and alerting. He wrote numerous unit tests, integration tests, canary tests and runbooks, and built many CI/CD deployment pipelines with continuous monitoring and automatic rollbacks.

We will educate your team on DevOps best practices and help you build production-grade operationally-ready AWS solutions with well-documented operational runbooks.



Haitham is a strong and experienced engineer with a passion for securing cloud applications. He played a pivotal role over several years in securing GuardDuty's AWS infrastructure using best practices and leading AppSec review efforts for new feature launches. He has great judgement and makes the right choices in evaluating and addressing application security aspects associated with large software projects.

Sunu Mathew, Senior Software Engineer, AWS


It was remarkable how Haitham implemented a feature involving the organization of multiple AWS accounts in a short span of time during the early stages of GuardDuty, which is being used by multiple other AWS teams and sets an example for insisting on highest standards.

Arun Prabakaran, Senior Software Engineer, AWS


Haitham is an experienced software developer with strong foundation of cloud services. Haitham's knowledge on system design made him a good teammate to bounce ideas off and is easy to work with.

Rashmi Giridhara, Software Development Engineer, AWS


Haitham is very independent and very easy to work with. Haitham held a high bar for security when building software and worked across teams to maintain it. His experience with securing cloud architectures is invaluable!

Subramanian Kaleeswaran, Software Development Engineer, AWS


Each application security related issue is unique, and requires someone with deep understanding of AWS, a cool disposition, high judgement, creativity, and pragmatism to figure out where to set the security bar so as to ensure the right outcome for the customer, and for Amazon. Haitham has this in spades!

Shane Pereira, Former Principal Engineer, AWS


Haitham was the first engineer on the team to be certified as an AWS AppSec Guardian, which is a critical role given the risks involved. It requires a cool head, high judgement, the ability to chase a problem down by navigating across several teams at Amazon, and the ability to clearly articulate and debate often highly contentious positions with the most senior engineers at Amazon.

Wei Wang, Engineering Manager, AWS


Haitham is a talented engineer who has a passion for security. He helped mentor me in GuardDuty; providing security insights when developing public-facing APIs, and otherwise working to secure our systems. He has great expertise in many facets of application security, and was our go-to engineer when creating, iterating on, and producing security reviews. He led our AppSec reviews for new feature work, and he would drive the team towards making the right decisions without compromising on security quality. The passion and drive Haitham has for building make him a pleasure to work with, and an invaluable teammate.

Conor Lorsung, Software Development Engineer, AWS


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